Big Stud - Emerald Dreams
Thirty-Two Halloos

Big Stud - Emerald Dreams

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They have glitter, have colour… our Emerald Dreams collection has everything an earlobe could ever want!

Handmade from high quality polymer clay with surgical steel backing. 

Approx 20mm diameter.

Just a note: Please be careful with your earrings. Don't sleep or shower with them on - we want them to last! Take care not to drop them or tug at them, and be careful with lotions, makeup and perfumes and these can brown and stain the clay. These are handmade, which means they are perfectly imperf ect. They may have a fingerprint (makers mark), uneven surfaces and imperfections, but thats what makes them so unique.

As all our jewellery is handmade and unique, not one piece is exactly the same as the next. When you purchase a pair of our earrings they will be selected at random from our stock.