About Us


The start of this journey began when I longed to wear some of the amazing polymer studs that many of the makers in our community were designing but I couldn’t. Why? Because I have 22mm stretched ears! And so began my journey to make custom designs for myself so I too could wear beautiful statement pieces. I had so many compliments and comments on my earrings and so the rest is history. As a graphic designer I love making and creative processes, and this journey of becoming a maker fulfills my need for a creative outlet to stay sane as a mum of two.

I often get asked what’s behind the name Thirty-Two Halloos. And we’ll, it’s kinda bizarre, but here it goes.

Do you remember when Keno was on TV in the afternoons? (Is it still on?!) Well as a kid, my sister and I would yell at the TV before each number came up on the screen, hoping it would the number we called so we could pretend we were psychic 😹 I ALWAYS, without hesitation yelled 32! It’s my favorite number. Our street number growing up was 32, so I probably thought it was super special. Anyways, somehow yelling thirty-two at the tele and creating loud quirky earrings related somehow in my head.
And that’s where the name came from.